The SWT Life

The SWT Life / 2007-2009

Founder / Culture Creator

The SWT Life is dedicated to cultivating and maximizing young people’s potential to succeed. The SWT Life provides entrepreneurial coaching, personal development training, and exposure to professionals that are influential in guiding the millennial generation.

Tangible Outcomes

  • The SWT Inspiration Mixtape
  • “Thanks for Giving” Clothing Drive
  • “Food For Thought” Food Drive
  • HIV Mural with Project SAFE
  • Mural with the Maury Show
  • I Love My Life Campaign Partner
  • Various events with Project SAFE
  • Wagon Mural
  • “Give More” Tour with ASET Program

Comparable Course

Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship Section

B65.3335.10, 3.0 credits                                                                                                           New York University

As part of our ongoing effort to build our social entrepreneurship curriculum at NYU Stern, we have launched a special section of Foundations of Entrepreneurship that will focus on social entrepreneurship. We define social entrepreneurship as the process of using business skills to create innovative approaches to societal problems. These nonprofit and for profit ventures have a social mission and also aim to be financially self-sustainable or profitable.

Corresponding Texts

8 Cylinders of Success by Jullien Gordon

Book Review

The 8 Cylinders of Success is short and straight to the point. The most important aspects of this book are actually doing the suggested activities. Jullien’s story really assisted with the importance of knowing your purpose at a young age and the template to actively search for it. As a young person I was always fascinated with figuring out my passion and purpose. This book verified that I was on the right track by actively searching for answers.

Themes, Topics, Skills

Part 1: Your Origin

Where am I?

1. Principles = Your dashboard
: How do I measure success?

2. Passions = Your keys
: What activities do I love doing?

3. Problems = Your fuel
: What social, scientific, technical, and/or personal question or pain do I want to solve?

4. People = Your motor
: Who do I want to serve and where?

Part 2: Your Destine-nation

Where am I going?

5. Positioning = Your lane
: What do I want to be #1 in the world at?

6. Pioneers = Your pacesetters
: Who are my models? Mentors? Guides?

7. Picture = Your road map
: What’s my vision for my life?

8. Possibility = Your impact
: What is in-possible in the world with me that would be im-possible without me?

Assessment and Implementation

On my quest to figuring out my passion and purpose I decided that I would engage in everything that I was fascinated with. These aspects consisted of graffiti art, photography, community service projects and connecting with other young people that were passionate about social change. When I decided to be involved in various activities relating to these things, a vas amount of information and events were being shared with me. I learned how to stay motivated just by being around pioneers in various fields that constantly challenged my work around The SWT Life. The problem that I wanted to solve at that time was that young people weren’t interested in doing community service unless they 1) Needed it for a school credit or 2) For a legal reasons. I planned to solve it by using innovative methods that young people were already interested in and using that to bridge the gap. So I basically took my vision and worked backwards to link what young people enjoyed doing to service. With that said I was a prime example because I was able to put my interest, which later became passions into practice. It also helped that I studied pioneers of service such as Oprah, Blake Mycoskie and other innovators of social entrepreneurship.

The 4-Hour Work-Week by Timothy Ferriss

Book Review

Reading and then interpreting for myself of what The 4-Hour Workweek meant was revolutionary. It was geared to younger people letting them know that lifestyle design is possible and basically showed us the How-To guide. “Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan—there is no need to wait and every reason not to. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, high-end world travel, monthly five-figure income with zero management, or just living more and working less, this book is the blueprint.” This book showed me that I could really have it all, an amazing company The SWT Life and live my life to the absolute fullest.

Themes, Topics, Skills

Step 1: D is for Definition

“D for Definition turns misguided common sense upside down and introduces the rules an objectives of the new game. It replaces self-defeating assumptions and explains concepts such as relative wealth and eustess. Who is the NR (New Rich) and how they do they operate? This section explains the overall lifestyle design recipe-the fundamentals-before we add the three ingredients.” (Page 10)

Step 2: E is for Elimination

“E is for Elimination kills the obsolete notion of time management once and for all. It shows exactly how I used the words of an often-forgotten Italian economist to ten 12-hour days into two-hour days…in 48 hours. Increase your per-hour results ten times or more with counterintuitive NR techniques for cultivating selective ignorance, developing a low-information diet, and otherwise ignoring the unimportant. This section provides the first of three luxury lifestyle design ingredients: time.” (Page 10-11)

Step 3: A is for Automation

“A is for Automation puts cash flow on autopilot using geographic arbitrage, outsourcing, and rules of no decision. From bracketing to the routines of ultra successful NR, it’s all here. This section provides the second ingredient of luxury lifestyle design: income. “(Page 11.

Step 4: L is for Liberation

“L is for Liberation is the mobile manifesto for the globally inclined. The concept of mini-retirements is introduced, as are the means for flawless remote control and escaping the boss. Liberation is not about cheap travel; it is about forever breaking the bonds that confine you to a single location. This section delivers the third and final ingredient for luxury lifestyle design: mobility.” Page 11)

Concept of “The New Rich” = Time & Mobility

Assessment and Implementation

The concept of the “New Rich” let me know that lifestyle design was really possible. It assisted me with creating a balance between The SWT Life and my personal life. In terms of getting goal setting, it was wonderful. Just the sole idea of using “Post It’s” for my 2-do list allowed me to accomplish everything and weed out what was important to tackle. The idea of performance over presence allowed me to virtually run workshops, which meant that I could take mini retirements anytime, and anyplace which was completely liberating.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Book Review

This book taught me how culture is created, re-imagined and re-defined. The Tipping Point describes how products and ideas are spread.

The author’s ideology behind epidemics and human behavior is worth wild. His ability to put it into context using popular culture makes not only the book relatable, but also possibly how you have played a roll in it. “The Tipping Point is a manual for understanding and directing change: a revolutionary’s handbook.”

Themes, Topics, Skills

Chapter 1: The Three Rules of Epidemics

Chapter 2: The Law of the Few: Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen

Chapter 3: The Stickiness Factor: Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, and the Educational Virus

Chapter 5: The Power of Context (Part Two): The Magic Number One Hundred and Fifty

Assessment and Implementation

There were so many aspects to take an implement from this book. I specifically chose the areas of The Law of The Few, the area around the 6 degrees of separation and Connectors, Maven, and Salesmen. The SWT Life coordinated a few workshops in which we had young people state that ideally they wanted to model after. With all the people in the room, we gathered that most of the people they wanted to meet were only two people away from them. This was a beautiful discovery. Also we put the Connectors, Maven, and Salesmen in the framework, by using the key community from the Harlem Renaissance. This allowed them to see who were the Connectors that bought people together, the Salesmen that focused on shaping the actual relationship, and the Mavens that were the information experts.


“Syreeta’s uncanny ability to inspire young people made this project the most exciting experience.  She is irreplaceable and her enthusiasm and spirit are contiguous.”  Sallomé Hralima / Social Architect, PlanIt Brooklyn

“Syreeta has the rare combination of being able to dream big and take the concrete steps necessary to making these visions a reality for herself and her community.  In her work with us Syreeta has organized large groups of adults and teens into planning and executing mural projects, performances, and long term cultural campaigns.  Never before have I seen someone who has such an incredible ability to excite those around her and illuminate for (with) them their ability to participate in cultural transformations.” Daniel Silber-Baker / Director of Adolescent Health & Education, Project SAFE

For more information about this project or organization please visit: http://www.theswtlife.com



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